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VE Commodore Electrical Issues
Phoenix Mechanical
Alternator Output - The rate of alternator charge is controlled by the PCM (engine computer). In some situations, the health of the battery may deteriorate, due to insufficient recovery charge time allocated by the PCM software. In March of 2007, the recovery charge time was increased, the peak charging voltage was increased, and the Voltage Reduction mode was disabled in the PCM software, for improved battery maintenance.

Starting Problem - In some cases, the vehicle will not start due to the Theft Deterrent Module (TDM) not communicating with the key remote. Improved TDM software was introduced April 2007 to correct this issue.

CD Error - If the CD mechanism fails, the Radio display may show "CD ERROR" or "MECHANICAL ERROR", or cd's are unable to be loaded or ejected. During mechanism failure/jamming, the cd drivers inside the unit may remain powered, drawing up to 1.6amps, which may drain the battery. Revised software is being developed, that will turn the cd drivers of if the mechanism fails or jams.

SATNAV Screen Colour - During Navigation mode of the SATNAV unit, the coloured screen may show the border and text in pink, instead of blue or white for the text and grey for the border. The cause of this may be incorrect wiring pin configuration in the SATNAV connector. Revised wiring harnesses with the correct pin configuration were installed from October 2006 on.