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VS Commodore Engine Issues
Phoenix Mechanical

V6 Fuel line hammer - Some VS V6's have a lighty knocking or tapping noise at idle speeds. In some cases, the noise is caused by pulses in the fuel line being transfered to the body. Fuel line hammer kits are available to help eliminate this issue.

Harmonic balancer V6 - Standard harmonic balancers consist of inner and outer hemispheres which are located together by vulcanized rubber. Over time the rubber perishes or loosens and the outer hemisphere can move freely of the inner hemisphere. V6 balancers also contain a counter weight on the inner hemisphere to help absorb harmonic vibrations, but when the rubber splits or fractures, the counter weight can rattle against the outer hemisphere, which can be very loud. Harmonic balancer bolts are torqued and thread locked when installed, and can be difficult to remove. A Puller is also required after the bolt has been removed.

Harmonic Balancer - Part number 24502440

Coolant Loss V6 - There are a few areas that the V6 engines leak coolant. Firstly is the water pump. There is a drain hole on the water pump housing that is specifically there to leak, if the internal seal of the water pump perishes. Secondly, if coolant has not been used or maintained, the front timing cover of the engine can corrode, and leak. Thirdly, the welsh plugs used in V6's are steel and not brass. The idea of this is that some corrosion is imminent, and it is cheaper for a $1 welsh plug to be corroded, than other more expensive aluminium engine parts. Problem is, V6 welsch plugs are in a prick of a place, and can be awquard to change.

V6 Serpentine belt tensioner - The engine serpentine belt uses a spring loaded self adjusting bracket and pulley. The pulley's are often responsible for bearing noises and are a common replacement item. A word of warning; the 18mm pulley retaining bolt is left hand thread. The spring loaded bracket can be responsible for loud rattles, usually at low engine revs, when the tensioning spring fatigues. The tensioning spring can not be replaced separately, and therefore the entire tensioner bracket will need to be changed.

Tensioner pulley - Part number 92053779

Tensioner assembly complete - Part number 92048524

Belt Squeal (SC V6) - The supercharger belt may squeal or chirp during cold start conditions, if the belt is old or if the pulleys are misaligned.

Supercharger Drive Belt - Part number 92067829

V6 Rear Main seal - VS Commodore rear main seals are one piece, and are located in an alloy plate that can be removed from the engine block. A special GMH tool is used for correct reinstallation and alligning of the seal plate. Hot engine oil and age reduces the seals ability to work effectively, and this can result in an oil leak from the back of the crankshaft. To replace the rear main seal it is easier to remove the transmission to access the rear seal and plate.

Timing chain - When the vehicle is under load, like hard acceleration, towing, or gearshift kick down, the timing chain connecting the crankshaft and the camshaft is put under extra load. Over time, this chain will stretch, and will become noisy, mainly when accelerating.

Timing chain and sprocket assembly - Part number M41164

Timing chain tensioner - Part number 24503893

V8 Rear Main Seal - Rear main seal leaks are unfortunately common. To replace a rear main seal requires the engine to be removed, so that the crank can be removed. New pre-formed synthetic (with steel insert) rear main seals were introduced into production mid 1997.

V8 Engine mounts - On rare occasions (like excessive towing, or high engine bay temeratures), V8 engine mounts may fail or become prematurely fatigued. In these situations, the engine mounts should be replaced, and VT V8 engine mount exhaust shields can be fitted to help prevent reoccurances.

RH Engine mount shield - 92054728

LH Engine mount shield - 92055885

V8 Oil pressure V8 - Some VS V8 engine suffer from oil circulation problems and low oil pressure at cold idle. The oil pick-up strainer in VS's is smaller than earlier models, and is easily clogged by carbon deposits in the oil system. Insufficient servicing of the oiling system can increase carbon and soot deposits in the oil system, which can cause general oil circulation problems. Scheduled servicing and oil system cleaners can reduce carbon build up, but in extreme cases the sump and pick-up need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned to rectify oil pickup/pressure problems.

V8 Cam and lifters - Major problems can arise when cam lobes wear down, as insufficient lobe lift will restrict valve opening and therefore cylinder operation. After many kilometers, V8 cams and lifters wear naturally, but can equate in reduced engine power and noisy valve train operation.

V8 Rocker gear  - Rocker gear wear is inevitable. Alloy rocker bridges and steel rockers arms wear with age, and wear increases noise and reduces valve lift. New rocker arms and bridges are available.

V8 Harmonic balancer - Harmonic balancers usually consist of inner and outer hemispheres which are located together by vulcanized rubber. Over time the rubber perishes or loosens and the outer hemisphere can move freely of the inner hemisphere. A few problems arise here, one being the danger of damage from loose parts, and the other being the loss of timing position which is located on the outer hemisphere.