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VS Commodore Interior Issues
Phoenix Mechanical

Dash Facia Squeak - In some cases, the dash facia rubs against the clear lens of the gauge cluster. During the production process of the facia, the edge that sits against the gauge cluster may have dags (from the injection moulding process) that need to be removed.

Passenger Air Bag - The passenger side air bag lid situated on the crash pad often lifts away at the edges. In early 1996, the lid, and lid adhesion was improved to help prevent lifting.

Heater Vacuum Switch (non climate control) - The heater vacuum switch is located under the right side of the console (under the dash edge). This switch governs the heater tap vacuum supply. If the switch or heater control rod is incorrectly positioned or adjusted, the heater tap will not turn off when the dial is turned to the cold position. This will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

Seat belts - Seatbelt fray is common in any aging car, and is illegal and unsafe. New seat belts are available for auto parts stores. Seat belt stalk buttons can fail and not properly lock when the belt buckle is inserted. In either situation, the seat belt unit should be changed to ensure occupant safety. The seat belts should also be changed if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, because the seat belt material stretches to absorb inertia.

Steering Column Rattle - A buzzing noise may be heard fron the steering column area, when driving at highway speeds and/or on coarse bitumen roads. A possible cause may be the steering column adjuster spring rattling/vibrating against the steering column housing. In this situation, cable tying the two sides of the spring together may help.

Indicator Cancelation - The cancel cam assembly mounted to the rear of the steering wheel can distort or weaken through age, or from high temperatures. Once weakened, the cancel cam may flex, and either miss the cancellation pin of the indicator stalk, or not have enough strength to overcome it. A revised cancel cam assembly is available, which is less flexible under higher temperatures.

Front Inner door handles - In some situations, the front door handle rod detaches from front door lock mechanism. This will prevent the door from being opened from the inside. A revised retaining clip and washer was released to help reduce this occurance.

Linkage Clip - Part number 90120387

Linkage washer - Part number 11011616

Rear door handles - The door lock mechanism in early VS's can suffer from incorrect adjustment of the central locking solenoid. Some rear doors need excessive effort to open, or feel notchy during operation. This situation may be worse on hot days. Readjusting the solenoid position is advised.

Seat Base - VS seats often break the right front inner mounting tabs that bolt the mechanism to the floor. Seat runners are usually available second hand.

Door trim dust seals - VS's use an inner door window dust seal, to prevent dust and road noise entering the cabin. The rubber seals are initially glued to a trim strip which is colour matched to the vehicles trim. The rubber seals often become unstuck and fall inside the door cavity, which increases cabin noise and dust entry. Re-gluing is sometimes successful, or new ones are available through Holdens in a charcoal colour.

Door seals - VS Commodores use a rubber door seal around each door cavity which is glued to a colour coded pinch strip. The rubber often comes unstuck from the pinch strip and can tear. Re-gluing is sometimes successful, or new items are available from Holdens in a limited range of colours.

Steering wheel - Steering wheel padding is molded over a round metal bar, and after a lot of use the padding can rotate freely around the bar. This is defectable, as it compromises grip. A replacement steering wheel is required, whether it be new or second hand. Keep in mind that steering wheels are designed specifically to collapse with the steering column during an accident. Many sports steering wheels and/or boss kits are illegal, unless they comply with ADR's (Australian Design Rules).

Speed Alert - Just as a matter of interest, there are 2 types of speed alerts in VS's. 92053293 is the Police version, and 92053373 is the standard version.

Check straps - A check strap is a spring loaded arm inside the door that pivots between the door and door pillar. Ideally this strap holds the door open, but the spring of the check strap can snap which prevents the check strap from functioning properly. The check strap can also clunk during door opening, which can be caused by a dry roller (part of the check strap) or by a worn pin against the door pillar.

Window regulators - Standard front window regulators are a pressed steel scissor design, but do wear out. Wear is evident if the window tilts forward while being wound up. The regulators can be adjusted by a slide located behind the door trim, but adjustment is limited. Tight or worn bailey channel (window) rubbers can inhibit the windows movement and place excessive stress on the regulator.

Window rubbers - VS door window rubbers are renowned for sliding from their original position. The front doors suffer most from this, with the front rubbers sliding up and the rear rubbers sliding down. This leads to leaking windows, loose windows, tight window operation, or very loose window operation. The rubbers can be moved and correctly positioned, but if left for to long the rubbers can be damaged and distorted. New rubbers are available from Holden dealers.

Bonnet hinges - When the double pivot bonnet hinges used on VS's wear out, the rear corners of the bonnet can touch against the windscreen when the bonnet is slightly opened. This contact can be enough to chip the edge of the windscreen or send a crack through the windscreen. New bonnet hinges are available through Holdens.

Bonnet cable - The bonnet cable has an outer cover and an inner cable. The outer cover is held to the radiator support panel by a small clamp, which is responsible for location and adjustment. The outer cover can tear through the clamp which will stop the bonnet from opening. The inner wire cable can stretch which also stops the bonnet from opening. New bonnet cables are available through Holdens.