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VX Commodore Electrical Issues
Phoenix Mechanical
Starting Problems

1. Some VX's may have starting issues caused by a defective Fuel Pump relay (or have no low beam headlights, as the Low Beam relay is the same as the fuel pump relay). A revised relay was introduced late 2000. In case of starting or headlamp problems, the old relay (92047112) should not be used.

Relay - Part number 92107897

2. Some starting issues can be cause by the BCM (Body Control Module). The BCM may electronically lock up or freeze (caused by voltage spikes), which may restrict starting, locking and unlocking etc. Some BCM's were returned under warranty because of these issues. In some situations, the key reader circuit ban be a potential source of a voltage spike, and a grounding patch harness was released to reduce this occurance.

VXII Body Control Module Mid Series - Part number 92109212

VXII Body Control Module Low Series - Part number 92109213

VXI Body Control Module Mid Series - Part number 92145251

VXI Body Control Module Low Series - Part number 92145250

Battery Discharge - Some VX's with Telematics (Holden Assist) may experience a premature flat battery or receive repeated low battery alert calls from Holden Assist when the vehicle is left for several days. Revised Telematics software was introduced late 2002 to reduce current draw of the telematics module.

V6 Engine Missfire - Some VX's may prematurely develope an engine missfire, which can be caused by arcing of the ignition lead to the cylinder head. Lead failure may be caused by the ignition lead's insulating grease "breaking down" the ignition lead boot (which may also become distorted). A new grease and
revised heat shields have been introduced mid 2002. The new grease is green in colour, and its composition will not degrade the boot material as the previous grease did.

BCM Failure - Some BCM's may suffer from water damage. The retaining bolt in the Right side of the Fire wall panel may be insufficiently sealed. If water leaks past this bolt, connector D of the BCM can be affected. The firewall reatining bolt should be checked for tightness, and resealed with a sealer such as silicone RTV 732 (92140051).

Traction Control - The Traction control warning lamp and engine check lamp may illuminate in Some VX V6's, due to oversensitive PCM calibration. GMH have found there was some software timing issues in the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), and revised PCM software was introduced early 2001.

Remote Key Readers - On the 25th of May 2001 a Full Circle keyless entry system was introduced. The Full Circle key readers may separate or fall apart. A revised reader was introduced on the 25th July 2001.

Remote Key Reader Assembly - Part number 92092099

Some remote key readers have poor range, especially on hot days. The average working range is within 4 metres. To cope with high ambient temperatures, the remote receivers circuit boards have been upgraded with higher tolerance capacitors from 28/08/2001.

All VT, VX Exec and VU Receiver Remote Key - Part Number 92051734

VX Berllna and Calais and WH Receiver/Sunsensor Remote Key - Part number 92050898

GEN III O2 Sensors - Some Gen III Automatics will experience water contamination on the LH O2 sensor plug, which can cause O2 sensor faults. This problem may be a result of the A/C drain tube in the transmission tunnel, as it is in the same proximity as the O2 sensor harness. A bracket was introduced for the O2 sensor connector, that will position it away from the A/C drain tube.

O2 Sensor Connector Mounting Kit – Part number 92145044

O2 sensor LH  - Part number 25326439

Indicator Fuse Blown (Wagon) - The indicator fuse may blow if excess wiring is trapped between the tail lamp mounting studs and the vehicle body. In mid 2001 excess wiring was taped back to the tail lamp globe holders.