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Maroubra Phoenix Mechanical was started by me (Dave) in 1997. I’ve been a Qualified Mechanic since 1990, and have been playing with cars since 1984, which was when my Dad (Big Pete) left the trucking industry and bought a wrecking yard in Adelaide. I was 12 then, and that was like heaven to me! Big Pete, who is also a mechanic, taught me some of the most important things I know (especially when it comes to being mechanic). If you don’t know what you’re doing, ask! If you don’t understand something, ask! Never pretend to know what you’re doing! Never pretend to know what you’re talking about! Be honest! Clean up after yourself! Keep your tools clean! Keep your workshop clean! Don’t drop a car door on my foot when I’m telling you off! All very important things!

Working in and running a wrecking yard was, in my opinion, the best thing a “would be mechanic” could do, especially with a good teacher. Having to totally dismantle cars (without breaking things), testing items, cleaning and marking items, where all invaluable lessons. It also gave me a great insight as to how cars and parts deteriorated and where affected by accidents. I was also introduced to the art of restoring cars, which my Dad has been doing way before I came along! That came with more lessons! Do it right the first time! “That’s good enough” isn’t always enough! Make it clean, keep it clean!

Once I finished my apprentiship with my Dad, he sold the business and got back into trucks, so I went to a place called Just Commodore Spares (Adelaide). That was another great experience! I was fortunate enough to have the freedom to experiment with different thoughts and ideas. How to fix the unfixable! How to put a square plug in a round hole so to speak! Parts enterpreting, Counter Sales, Managing. All great stuff!

After 7 or so years with Just Commodores, I left and started Soaring Phoenix Mechanical. Now I run this business on my own. I never profess to know everything, but I like to know a little bit about allot of things! Like making this web site!