Joe “VK Ferrari” especially since the 3.3 Black engine was removed and replaced with a VT V6 Ecotec engine with matching automatic transmission. All VT components have been maintained on the engine except for the RH exhaust manifold (for engine bay clearances). The original VT engine loom and computer system was used to maximise the benefits of the conversion. The end result is a VK that has greatly improved power, economy and technology.

Nick is the proud owner of this VL Calais. The car started it’s life as a standard V8 Calais, with Trimatic trans and 3.08 Borg Warner differential. Nick wanted something different, as the car was starting to bore him. We changed the diff ratio to 3.45 LSD, which gave better take off, and converted the transmission to full manual with lots of extras, and a 2200 stall converter. After a few months, Nick wanted more. Eventually, after much discussion, we pulled the engine out, and started fresh.

A crane 272 solid was used, along with crane gold roller rockers. The heads, already big valve, were reconditioned, ported, cc’d and machined for screw in studs. The pistons were thrown away, and replaced with ACL flattops. A great amount of machining was done to the block, for performance, and for durability. All rotating parts where balanced, as well as a few other mods. An Edelbrock torquer manifold was modified to suit the late heads, and a 650 DP Holley rests on top. The converter was replaced with a 3500 stall, and the differential gears where changed to 4.11 LSD. At the end of the day, with Crane Hi6 ignition, Paxton fuel pump and 1/2-inch fuel pipe, along with a twin 2 1/2 inch polished stainless exhaust system, the car put out 235 Kw at the rear wheels.

The suspension is also improved, as are the brakes, which were seriously in need of improvement.
Nick’s car is in Street Commodores magazine, July 01 edition.

Nick’s motor is now out and in pieces again, and a stroker crank kit is on the way! The harrop stroker crank will spin nicely with race prepped A9L rods. SRP full floating forged pistons and brand new VS V8 EFI heads will be matched to give a final comp ratio of 10:1. This will allow Nick to run the engine on PULP. A high rise Harrop manifold is in store for the new engine, but Nick is a little concerned with altering the bonnet to achieve clearances, so we’ll have to do some work on that to keep him happy. A full roller billet cam assembly will be used in the new engine, along with some other little go fast gear. Assembly is under way!